A Splash of Humor and a Dash of Asshole

You should have gone to “real” college

Let’s just be honest, any of us who have ever worked in kitchens have some totally gnarly stuff. Some people might have seen the occasional extern whack the tip of his finger off trying to julienne an onion. Others might have see the hipster, dirtbag waiter eat off of a customers plate as he scrapes it into the trash. An unlucky few might have even witnessed a few dishwashers eating something that most of us consider inedible. But none of that is what I’m choosing to write about. I want to talk about a few “culinary catastrophes” I hope that I never have to witness again in my life.

1. Spepper- Some cooks out there think that it would make their lives on the line a bit easier to mix salt and pepper together and use that to season their food during service. TOTAL HACKS. There is even a product available for purchase that is pre mixed.. All I can say to that is WOW, the same people who buy this have to be the same ones that consider Rachel Ray to be a chef. But lets get back to “professional cooks” making their pre mix part of their mis, you suck. To paraphrase Marco Pierre White “salt is a seasoning, pepper is a seperate flavor.”

2. Putting Bacon in the Deep Fryer- To those “busy” cooks out there that float strips of bacon in the fryer to get the order out fast, you are a disgrace to pork and a total hack. You should turn in your apron and go kick your own ass stat!

3. Using powder sauces and demi glace- Ultimate hack move, stock is easy. If you don’t understand, look at this guys website. http://www.i-hate-cooking-recipes.com/making-a-demi-glace.html


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