A Splash of Humor and a Dash of Asshole

Kitchen Spelling Bee

Chocholte?  Ahhhh, I know what this is. It is the traditional mexican condiment made by combining chocolate and chipotles. Nevermind, it’s just the work of another dumbass that can’t spell.

Caper Remulad? The guy who wrote this obviously listened to his kindergarten teacher when she told him to sound out his words before spelling them. It seems as though that might have been where he stopped learning.

Remulade?  Uh, I couldn’t find the tape so I used my brain and labeled it with day dots. First of all, using day dots was a stupid idea and it pisses me off. Second, you can’t spell for shit.

86 the Seebass? Let me translate this one for you. “Hey Paco, get me some more sea bass from the back.” Paco disappears into the walk in. He reappears and says ” Chef, I no see de bass.”

Tuseday? I really have nothing to say about this one. When I brought it to the attention of everyone else in the kitchen, I was informed that it had been that way for years and nobody had ever noticed it before. Such a shame. It still has not been changed, over 2 months later.

Morocon Chicken?   I really have to get to Moroco soon. Wait a second, where the fuck is Moroco?

Crabe Cake? No shit, the “e” is silent.

Groud Burguer? Don’t worry, they’re French.

Calalari?  Es Espanol para panocha apestosa.

Pluchutto? This has to be the worst spelling of all time. You think it was Jose, the dishwasher who labeled this? No, it was a white kid that actually graduated high school. Such a shame.



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