A Splash of Humor and a Dash of Asshole

A Little Light in the Kitchen Loafers

For the most part, we all love each other in the kitchen. Sometimes that love is intense, and sometimes that love is expressed is in unusual ways. It might even get a little out of hand. I really wish that a true reality show would be made about cooks. The world needs to see an accurate depiction of what a cook’s life is really like. Peoples minds have been tainted by the bullshit they see on television. You are not rewarded for having a good dinner service, it is expected. But let’s get back to the point, kitchens can get a little homoerotic at times. Think about it, you’re stuck in a confined space working elbow to elbow with sweaty dudes (for the most part) all day. We are bound to lose our minds a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, there is no man on man action happening, but things do get a bit crazy. Let me explain:

1) Throughout the day, anything that even mildly resembles a dick will in fact be used as one.

Various sexual activities will also be simulated with said objects

2) After a long, tiresome day in the kitchen we will all go out together. While we are out, we will consume large amounts amounts of alcohol. After consuming the alcohol, we will tell each other how much we love each. Occasionally, we will prove our love for one another.

3) Camera phones have changed everything. Things that you used to do just to get a laugh, are no longer private. Someone will take a picture and capture the moment forever.

So let’s wrap this up before it gets out of hand. Cooks love each other and we are not afraid to show each other. I’m not sure if any other professions out there have the camaraderie that kitchens do. I consider my fellow cooks to be an extension of my family. We understand each other and like to be around one another. It’s not gay at all, I promise.

Bonus Pictures:

Dishwashers are the epitome of fashion

Nudity is always funny


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