A Splash of Humor and a Dash of Asshole

The 24 Hour Lamb Leg

I don’t take high quality photos

-I’m a cook, not a photographer

I don’t give measurements or recipes

-I’m sure you can figure it out

I don’t tell you when to season

-You should know that or you shouldn’t be cooking


Boned. rolled and tied lamb leg, marinated overnight in red wine

Vacuum seal with garlic,  a bunch of butter and thyme

Sous vide for 24 hours at 60 degrees celsius

Pat dry and season

Brown with a few thyme sprigs in a mixture of half olive oil and half butter

Baste it like it’s your job, and you love your job

Flip it and continue to do your job

Remove from the pan and give it a rest

Slice it with a sharp knife. If your knife is not sharp, you are more than likely not sharp. Write that down.



Start with some lamb ribs. If they are unavailable use some other sort of meat and bone combination.

Sear the ribs

Add some thyme and a little butter

Add half and onion and a head of garlic cut in half.

Deglaze with red wine and reduce by half

Add beef stock to cover and simmer for a few hours


Mount with butter just before service


Mushrooms and Melted Leeks

Cut mushrooms and let dry out on a towel overnight. Dry mushrooms make crispy mushrooms, and mushrooms should always be crispy. (I used crimini and chantrelles)

Working in small batches, start in hot oil and finish in cold butter

While they are crisping, slick your leeks thin. Make sure to impress your audience with amazing knife work.

Remove the mushrooms and in the same pan add leeks and a bunch of butter.

Cook low and slow until leeks are “melty”

Add a touch of cream and cook until it is all absorbed

Add the mushrooms back and incorporate




One response

  1. turbz

    Fuck you that looks good. Loved the impress your audience bit.

    November 11, 2011 at 5:13 am

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