A Splash of Humor and a Dash of Asshole

Thomas Keller Cheated On Me With Sysco

I can’t believe it. I feel so violated.

Read the following article on Grub Street New York

Keller Cops to Using — No! — Frozen Fries

Keller: Also frozen?Photo: Patrick McMullan

In his cookbook Bouchon, Thomas Keller explains how to make the perfect French fries, instructing readers to hand-cut and then refrigerate russet potatoes submerged in water for several hours. As it turns out, Keller isn’t going to quite so much trouble at his Bouchon Bistros: A tipster told us he uses Sysco fries, and though a rep from the restaurant didn’t offer the brand name, she did confirm, after speaking with Keller, that he favors frozens.

And why would that be?

One of the top reasons Bouchon uses frozen French Fries is consistency. The quality of the frozen fries we use, and that of frozen fries in general today, is very good. We use fries which are 100% potato, which do not contain additives. The consistency in these fries is often better than that of fresh potatoes.The second reason is capacity. Bouchon would need to use over 200 pounds of potatoes a day to fulfill French Fry orders. In addition to space in the kitchen, it would require an exorbitant amount of manpower to process this large of an amount of potatoes into useable French Fries.


Frozen is better than fresh? Tell that to Telepan owner and Haute Barnyard guru Bill Telepan. “The frozen ones have a strange edge to them from all the things they add — like sugar and starch and hydrogenated oil — to make them crispy. It’s so easy to make fresh French fries, I can’t imagine why anyone would do anything else. The only possible reason is cost.” —Daniel Maurer



I can understand using frozen fries when serving that many people. Wait a second, no I can’t. Not only are you Thomas Fucking Keller, but you have the balls to include a recipe for french fries in your cookbook when your serving frozen fries? Listen, I like frozen french fries as much as the next guy, but not when I’m eating at a Thomas Keller restaurant. The mother fuckin’ culinary “God” is charging $7 for some frozen fries he refers to as Pommes Frites? That’s some straight up bullshit. Next thing you know, he will be getting these from Sysco too.









In conclusion, I have a ton of respect for Chef Keller. I think he is a rare, amazing combination of talent and dedication. But seriously, there are 100 culinary students at your back door willing to  make fresh fries for free 20 hours a day.


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